Life Technologies

Kodiak focuses on companies in the areas of life sciences tools, diagnostics and medical devices. We seek opportunities where we can apply our broad experience in technology to help entrepreneurs bring high-impact solutions to market.

ALIS was acquired by Carl Zeiss SMT in July 2006.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Allegro Diagnostics, Inc Logo

Allegro Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company focused on the development and future sale of innovative genomic tests for the diagnosis, staging and guided treatment of lung cancer and lung diseases.

The company was founded as a result of the successful discovery of a genomic biomarker for lung cancer, based upon the field of injury to epithelial cells of the lungs, which is a direct consequence of exposure to tobacco smoke in current and former smokers.

The first product the company plans to commercialize is the BronchoGenTM genomic biomarker test for use in combination with Bronchoscopy for the diagnosis of lung cancer and scheduled for commercial release in 2011.

Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur

Fluxion Biosciences Logo

Fluxion Biosciences develops high-throughput cell biology platforms that address critical bottlenecks in the discovery and development of new treatments for cancer, heart disease, immune disorders, and other major illnesses. Fluxion's breakthrough microfluidics technology utilizes the precision and scalability of silicon wafer fabrication to produce systems with a level of throughput and cost-effectiveness unattainable with conventional research approaches.

Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur

GreenLight Biosciences Logo

Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur

Lumicell Diagnostics Logo

Lumicell is developing a device that will enable surgeons to check the tumor site immediately following surgery for remaining cancer cells after removing the tumor. The technology consists of a proprietary detector and initially a commercial available molecule marker. The detector along with a dye that is injected into the site will radiate fluorescent light when coming into contact with a cancer enzyme, allowing the surgeon to remove the remaining cancer cells. The technology must be capable of detecting a small number of cancer cells (1-100) left behind. The detector will have a disposable tip for each patient and reagents that will be the basis of the reimbursement and Lumicell revenue along with the initial sales of the instrument.

Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur